Supporting up-and-coming young cricketers

Representing Millichamp and Hall.

At Millichamp and Hall, we’re committed to encouraging and supporting young cricketers; those with the drive and determination to become better players and ambassadors for the sport. Our popular sponsorship programme continues in 2019 and is aimed at supporting players across the cricketing spectrum; from talented club and county representatives, to those involved in academy and EPP programs, as well as elite cricketers playing at the highest level. Please note that whilst we strive to support all applications, Millichamp and Hall sponsorship cannot be guaranteed.

Enjoy big savings

As a Millichamp and Hall sponsored player, you'll benefit from fantastic discounts across our entire range; including our latest F100, PRO LE and Original ranges.

To apply for our 2019 M&H sponsorship, please complete our online sponsorship application form below. For those playing county / district level and above, you will be asked to provide supporting evidence. This can be in the form of a digital copy of either a county certificate, scorecard or press release. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we aim to respond to all sponsorship requests within ten working days.

Apply online

Apply for Millichamp and Hall sponsorship

To apply for M&H sponsorship, please complete our sponsorship application form below. We aim to respond to all applications within ten working days.

For more information on how we'll communicate with you, and care for your data, please visit our data protection policy.

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